Let’s look at everyday use cases where you should consider using SanZen Instant Clarity.

User story 4: Time with Family and Friends After Work
Gregory Purcell
Age 29, Male, Married, Sales

Mr. Purcell is a salesperson who works from home, contacting various companies daily to sell software products of his company. He finds his job rewarding, but the market competition is intensifying daily, and new features are continuously being added to their product. To keep up with these developments, he spends his working hours absorbing a lot of information.

In his private life, he lives with his wife, who he married six months ago. Since his wife usually finishes her work earlier than Mr. Purcell, it has become routine for her to prepare dinner before he leaves his home office, and they enjoy conversing over the meal. Recently, Mr. Purcell was reprimanded by his wife, saying, “You’re not really listening to me.” He realized that, due to the busyness of work, he had been preoccupied with thoughts like “What schedule should I follow for work tomorrow?” even after work, often giving half-hearted responses to his wife’s questions during dinner.

He decided to practice SanZen Instant Clarity before leaving his home office at the end of his workday. Although the coffee prepared in the evening had gone cold, spending 5 minutes on SanZen while drinking it helped clear his mind of work, allowing him to fully enjoy and engage in conversations with his wife.