Who should join this session?

This event is perfect for corporate training of foreign company executives visiting Japan, as well as for MICE participants.

Major IT company

As part of a regional manager gathering training at Kyoto

Venture capitals

As a side event for VCs visiting Japan

U.S. MBA students

As part of a visiting camp at Japan

Examples of companies participating in the session



He became a Zen priest and disciple of Joju-ji Zen temple 20 years ago, where he has been head priest since 2016.

Joju-ji, established in 810 at the will of the emperor of the time, is a Buddhist Temple dedicated to the protection of the nation and prosperity of the Imperial Household. Joju-ji was destroyed by a fire in the 1500s but was rebuilt in 1687 as a temple of Obaku Buddhism. Obaku is a sect of Zen Buddhism introduced from China during the Edo period.

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Daisetz SASAKI

He studied under a Zen priest in Kyoto and obtained a master’s degree in religious studies at a Japanese university to deepen his knowledge of Zen’s history and wisdom.

He introduced Zen wisdom to hundreds of people, including executives from Western companies visiting Japan, and gave invited lectures at companies in Silicon Valley in the United States, along with the Zen priest. Through these experiences, he is capable of translating and conveying Zen wisdom to modern people.


CostJPY20,000 per person
(negotiable for more then 10 participants).
The fee for 5 persons is required if there are less than 5 participants.
Example of session structure– Explanation of the history of Zen in Japan including how Zen has solved the challenges of Japan’s past executives
– Discussion of practical Zen wisdom for issues facing participants
– Zazen meditation experience under the guidance of a Zen priest
– Experiencing tea, which is closely associated with Zen
– Lunch (Vegetarian meal)
– Learning how to clear the mind in everyday life
DurationAbout 2 hours, but flexible to meet your needs
Minimum and maximum number of participantsMinimum: 5
Maximum: 80
Date/TimeNegotiable, but reservation is required at least one month prior to the event date.
Payment methodBank transfer. Advanced payment is required for registration.
LocationA Zen temple within a 30-minute drive from the center of Kyoto. There are several affiliated Zen temples, and the specific temple will be determined based on the reservation date and time.