Let’s look at everyday use cases where you should consider using SanZen Instant Clarity.

User story 2: Online Meeting
Chen Yang
Age 31, Male, Single, Engineer

Mr. Yang is an engineer currently working from home. In his current project, he’s part of a ten-person team developing a new system. The team’s regular progress meetings are held online every day at 11 AM. To progress on his development tasks, Yang spends his mornings focused on individual tasks. He immerses himself in work by wearing a headset and listening to his favorite music.

Today, like on other days, he was engrossed in his work right up until the reminder for the progress meeting popped up. Although he joined the online meeting on time, he felt disconnected from his work and found it hard to tune into his teammates’ progress reports. When a team member asked, “Yang, what do you think?” he hadn’t been paying enough attention and found himself frequently asking, “Could you repeat that, please?” This had become a recurring issue for him. Despite being an excellent engineer with high concentration levels on his tasks, this often became a hindrance when it came time to engage in meeting discussions.

He decided to use SanZen Instant Clarity 10 minutes before his meetings. Stopping his work 10 minutes before the meeting, he quickly prepares a cup of matcha by mixing matcha powder with hot water and then plays a 5-minute SanZen content. This routine helps him detach from his prior tasks and smoothly transition into being fully present and engaged in the meeting discussions.