Let’s look at everyday use cases where you should consider using SanZen Instant Clarity.

User story 1: Beginning Work in the Morning
Jerome Jones
Age 36, Male, Married with a daughter (5 years old), Product Designer

Mr. Jones is a product designer who currently works from home. He starts his day by having breakfast with his family, and after his wife takes their daughter to school at 8:30 AM, he sits down at his home office desk with a coffee to begin work. Lately, family conversations have revolved around planning a trip for the upcoming long holiday. This morning, as several travel options came up in conversation, he found himself distracted, searching the internet for information about these destinations. Before he knew it, it was almost time for the 9:30 AM team meeting, and he hadn’t started his work yet.
This situation is a common occurrence for him. His problem is that even though it’s time to start work, it often takes him a while to focus on his job.

He decided to use SanZen Instant Clarity every morning when he starts his workday. By spending 5 minutes using SanZen while drinking his morning coffee, he can clear his mind of the conversations he had with his family just moments before and switch into work mode immediately after starting his day. This has allowed him to concentrate on his work right away.