Why is SanZen Instant Clarity effective at clearing your mind in a short amount of time?

Stop and Observation

Another important concept in Zen is the practice of “Shikan,” which means to observe oneself objectively. By viewing one’s current state from an external perspective, one can become aware of feelings of irritation or haste and learn to address them.

Zen introduces a specific method for self-observation known as “Shikan,” which involves first stopping one’s activities and then observing oneself.

SanZen Instant Clarity is structured based on this concept of Shikan. The first part, featuring video content, temporarily halts the activities of your usual living space by taking you on a virtual walk through an extraordinary space. Then, in the latter part of the meditation, by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath, you observe yourself.

Thus, SanZen Instant Clarity incorporates various Zen wisdoms into its simple structure, offering a comprehensive approach to self-awareness and mental clarity.