Why is SanZen Instant Clarity effective at clearing your mind in a short amount of time?

Feature as a Meditation Solution

Currently, meditation apps are widely used, offering content primarily consisting of gentle music and guided voice instructions, encouraging users to focus on themselves over an extended period. This deep meditation, which intensively utilizes the sense of hearing, is effective for introspection and relieving deep-seated stress accumulated daily. However, after a long meditation session, one might find it challenging to transition back to work due to feeling too relaxed. In contrast, SanZen Instant Clarity is not about deep meditation for introspection or relaxation but a form of shallow meditation that can be practiced between work tasks during the day. After a 5-minute practice, you should feel your mind is emptied yet retain the vitality for work. By leveraging the Zen wisdom that “providing good stimuli to the five senses can clear your mind,” it allows for a quick and effective way to clear your feelings in a short time with its minimalistic practice approach.

The visuals provided by SanZen Instant Clarity primarily feature landscapes of Zen temples in Kyoto, Japan. The gardens of these temples are designed to clear your mind just by walking through them, offering a beautiful harmony of nature and artifice. These visuals represent a space that is out of the ordinary yet relaxing for those of us living in modern society, providing an escape to a tranquil environment.