Why is SanZen Instant Clarity effective at clearing your mind in a short amount of time?

The content of SanZen Instant Clarity is composed of two parts: one where you enjoy a beverage while viewing landscapes, and another that involves a short meditation session. This too is based on the wisdom of Zen, which clears the mind through three steps: conditioning the body (調身), breath (調息), then clearing the mind (調心).

To prepare the mind, Zen does not immediately focus on the mind itself but starts with adjusting the body. Next, it involves regulating the breath slowly. This naturally leads to the mind being adjusted, embodying the wisdom of Zen. The well-known Zen Sitting Meditation (坐禅) is also structured around these three steps of adjusting the body, breath, and mind. SanZen Instant Clarity is designed to practice these three steps in a short period.

In the first half, the video part, by drinking a beverage while watching beautiful videos and stimulating the five senses, you effectively adjust your body in a short time. Then, in the meditation part, by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath, you regulate your breathing. This allows your mind to naturally adjust afterward, effectively clearing your feelings.