Let’s look at everyday use cases where you should consider using SanZen Instant Clarity.

User story 3: Numerous Meetings
Anna Wilkins
Age 37, Female, Married, Project Manager

Ms. Wilkins is a project manager who goes to the office every day. She is currently engaged in a system development project with a twenty-person team. She feels responsible for the significant burden placed on her team due to frequent specification changes from clients. However, considering the looming deadlines, she believes the team members must work even harder.

She is under daily pressure from her superiors about meeting deadlines. Nevertheless, during the weekly progress reporting meetings within the team, she finds herself frustrated with the carefree proposals for new features and new bug reports. Although she understands the importance of anger management as a manager and tries to maintain her composure, there are times, especially just after meetings with her superiors, when her tone towards team members may carry a hint of anger, leading her to feel self-loathing.

She decided to make it a habit to use SanZen Instant Clarity whenever she felt stressed before a meeting. Before the meeting, she would prepare a cup of tea with a teabag, spend 5 minutes with SanZen at her desk, and then move to the meeting room. As a result, she was able to face her team members with a calmer perspective and began to feel more effective in her management role.