Meditation for Mental Wellbeing

based on Japanese Zen culture


Meditation solution for business that improves work efficiency and work-life balance.

Meditation program at Kyoto Zen temple

Meditation program at Kyoto Zen temple

From a Zen priest at a Zen temple with a history of over 700 years, you can learn the practical doctrines of Zen that can be applied in modern society.

Training program for Japanese company

Zen experience program for employees in Japanese company. The main focus of the program is to learn stress management techniques which is practical for employees. The training program is appropriate for all layers of employees, from new hires to managers to executive level employees.

Zen meditation experience for MICE/tourist

Zen meditation experience program for foreign visitors to Japan on MICE (Meetings, Incentive Travel, Convention, and Exhibition) or travel. It provides a special experience of instruction by a Zen priest, something that cannot be easily experienced on a normal trip.