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SanZen Instant Clarity is designed for those moments when you find it hard to focus on the task at hand during busy times, or when you catch yourself acting more aggressively towards others than you normally would. Our mental capacity is limited, and it becomes progressively depleted as we engage in various tasks. When there isn’t enough mental capacity to spare, it becomes difficult to direct our attention to new matters, resulting in an inability to concentrate on new tasks or acting without our usual consideration for others.

So, what can we do? When our minds are overwhelmed, the best course of action is to pause and clear our heads. Zen has long taught that “when your mind is full, you cannot take appropriate action.” Over the centuries, it has accumulated wisdom on effectively clearing the mind. Zen temple gardens are designed to clear your mind just by walking through them, and the lifestyle practiced in Zen temples is imbued with wisdom aimed at clearing the mind.

SanZen Instant Clarity is a method based on the wisdom of Zen, designed to clear your mind in just 5 minutes. It is rooted in the Zen insight that providing positive stimuli to the five senses can clear one’s emotions. SanZen Instant Clarity does just this in a short amount of time, following an extremely simple procedure.

  1. Prepare a drink for yourself, such as coffee or tea, something with a rich aroma.
  2. Play the content on the SanZen Instant Clarity website and watch the video while enjoying your drink.

The content is composed of two parts. The first half allows you to watch scenes of Zen temple gardens accompanied by calm music, providing positive stimuli to your sense of sight and hearing while the aroma and taste of the drink stimulate your sense of smell and taste. In the second half, you close your eyes and focus on your breathing. This process stimulates all five senses in a short period, allowing you to clear your mind in 5 minutes. Especially for busy modern people, integrating SanZen Instant Clarity into your daily routine is highly recommended.

SanZen Instant Clarity is now available as alpha version. Please try SanZen Instant Clarity and please share your feedback for service improvement.
SanZen Instant Clarity