SanZen refers to a solution that practically arranges the wisdom of Zen for solving contemporary societal issues. It is a solution designed to clear the mind and correct the often disrupted work-life balance in modern society. It is well-known that many business leaders in today’s world are interested in and learning about Zen. But what is Zen, and why are today’s business leaders interested in it?

Zen is a sect that originated from Buddhism, developed in China, and was introduced to Japan. In Japan, during the era from the Warring States period to the Edo period, when samurai were fighting for national supremacy at the risk of their lives, it was adopted and further developed as a means for samurai generals to solve their mental challenges. The samurai generals were exposed to extreme stress, not knowing when the battles would end or when they, their families, or their comrades might die. Zen was utilized as a means to regulate their mental state, evolving over hundreds of years as a way to alleviate their stress and calm their minds.

The samurai generals also held various roles, such as leaders of their groups or heads of large families. And now, in the present day, there are people busily fighting through life while juggling various roles, including engineers, finance professionals, and corporate executives. It is believed that business leaders today are paying attention to Zen, thinking that there may be a collection of wisdom useful for them, based on its historical background of being utilized for executive problem-solving.

However, the difference between contemporary and historical samurai might be that you are busier and have more to do in a day. Therefore, directly applying the wisdom of Zen as it was may not be practical for modern people.

SanZen is a practical reinterpretation of Zen wisdom for solving contemporary issues, designed to be more practical and effective in shorter durations for busy modern individuals. SanZen offers two main solutions: one is digital content, SanZen Instant Clarity, which provides content that can clear your mind in just 5 minutes for everyday use. The other is mainly workshops and sightseeing tours held in Zen temples in Kyoto, designed to clear your mind thoroughly during a few hours of experience and allow you to take home wisdom that can be applied to your daily life.