Kyoto Meditation Center’s mission

To promote the improvement of work-life balance by practical zen wisdom for the modern world.

To achieve this, we are developing SanZen solutions based on Authentic Zen


Kyoto Meditation Center is a private enterprise that develops solutions in collaboration with various authentic Zen temples in Kyoto. It is not affiliated with any specific religious organization.


Head priest of Joju-ji Zen Temple at Kyoto

He became a Zen priest and disciple of Joju-ji Zen temple 20 years ago, where he has been head priest since 2016.

Joju-ji, established in 810 at the will of the emperor of the time, is a Buddhist Temple dedicated to the protection of the nation and prosperity of the Imperial Household. Joju-ji was destroyed by a fire in the 1500s but was rebuilt in 1687 as a temple of Obaku Buddhism. Obaku is a sect of Zen Buddhism introduced from China during the Edo period. Joju-ji Website

Awards and Recognitions

JETRO Techstars 2021
CES 2022
Kyoto city Inbound Innovation 2022
GetYourGuide Japan Destination Campaign
Kyoto Tourism Ethics Excellence Award 2023
Japan Tourism Agency
Support Project for the Creation of Tourism Content Aimed at Attracting Inbound Visitors and Expanding Local Consumption

Media Features and Coverage

Press kit

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Company Overview

Company NameKyoto Meditation Center, Co., Ltd.
OfficersDaisuke SASAKI CEO
Business ActivitiesPlanning, development, and operation of “SanZen”
Date of EstablishmentMay, 2021
LocationKyoto, Japan